How To Build a Lean Toned Body

For many people it’s the time of year for dreaming of going down to the beach and relaxing in the sun but maybe, when you look in the mirror you’re not so keen on the idea. If that’s the case you might need to tone up your muscles first.

Toning your muscles can not only make you feel healthier, it can also make you look a lot healthier and younger.

Younger people have firmer, tighter, more toned muscles than older people, and for this reason anything that you can do to increase the tone of your muscles will help to make you look fitter and younger.

Many women are of the mistaken belief that if they lift weights they are going to build big bulky muscles.

The professional weight lifting and bodybuilding women have been responsible for many women believing that they will turn out the same if they do any form of resistance training.

We need to realize that these weightlifters and bodybuilders are very often taking steroids and using all types

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of supplements and special nutrition to build their muscles to the size they achieve. Most women will never have to worry about this happening to them.

Resistance training will certainly improve your muscle density and you might see some increase in the size of your muscles but this will be offset by reduction in the fat from the exercise due to the fact that muscles burn fat.

This will help you to build a leaner, toned and healthier body that will resemble that of the younger person.

Resistance training will also help to stimulate the blood flow throughout the body and in doing so will improve your skin texture as an added bonus.

Your skin will become tighter and will remain like that for longer provided you do some form of maintenance training on a regular basis.

You certainly don’t need to go overboard with your training to get some good results. Twenty minutes to half an hour three times a week should be sufficient.

Because the majority of people don’t take the time to maintain a toned body, anybody who does make the effort will certainly stand out in the crowd and took a lot healthier and younger than others in the same age group.

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