The Causes of Acne and the Cures for Acne

The term acne refers to whiteheads and blackheads (skin pores that get clogged) and nodules or cysts, which are deep cialis tablets price in pakistan lumps. These are found on a persons face, chest, neck, back shoulders and sometimes the upper arms. Most teenagers are affected by acne to some degree although folks in other age groups can experience acne as late as into their 40′s. It’s not life threatening but can be disconcerting to your view of yourself and can even be permanently disfiguring if exforge cialis interaction severe. A person with acne can end up with permanent scars. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be severe at the outbreak to end

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Causes of Acne

Acne’s causes go back viagra 2 chainz lyrics to hormonal changes at the onset of puberty, with oil glands producing in abundance. These oil glands, known as sebaceous glands, are primarily affected by male hormones known as androgens. Females have androgens as well, though they don’t have as many as males.

A hair shaft inside a sebaceous gland make up what is known as a sebaceous follicle. While going through puberty,

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skin cells lining these follicles ph online pharmacy reviews shed more quickly than in past years. In those who experience acne the cells shed but stick together more than in those who don’t get acne. When these cells stick together this overabundance of sebum (oil) probably will end up price comparison viagra vs cialis plugging the follicle’s opening and because the sebaceous gland doesn’t stop producing its sebum the follicle simply swells up.

What also happens is that a bacterium called P.acnes, that is normal to have in skin, start to quickly multiply in the hair follicle that is clogged. The substances produced by these bacteria are irritating and cause inflammation. The follicle sometimes bursts and then the inflammation spreads to skin surrounding it. This is the way that acne’s lesions – whether pimples, blackheads or nodules – form.

Cures for Acne

Here are some tips for reducing the likelihood of getting acne:

Keep your skin clean by using a good quality cleanser and acne treatment system. Click here for more information.


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