How To Cure Brittle Nails

Our nails are a very important part of us yet we tend to ignore their needs or even mistreat them. We use them to peel fruit, we bite them, we pop open cans with them and the result is that we often end up with broken nails.

Our fingernails are made up of a protein called keratin, the same type of protein as hair and are amazing. For example, each of your nails is comprised of six parts, which are:

  1. The ridge of skin around the nail is called the nail fold.
  2. The nail plate. This is the part that we can see and normally call a fingernail (or toenail).
  3. The nail bed is beneath the nail plate and this nourishes the nail.
  4. The half-moon-shaped area at the base of your nail is called the lunula, and it forms part of the nail matrix.
  5. The matrix makes the cells needed to grow your nails.You can’t see the nail matrix, which is located at the base of each nail.
  6. The cuticle is a fold of skin, comprised of dead cells, which prevents bacteria from getting in.

Your nails are complicated little pieces of protein,

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and if you overlook them, things can go wrong. The most common complaints about our nails is that they have developed an infection or that they are brittle and we’ve broken one.

The good news is that there is an effective brittle nails cure, which strengthens your nails, making them resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting. The result is that you will have long, strong and healthy nails.

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