How To Relax With A Foot Massage

For some people there is no greater pleasure than to have their feet massaged.

For other people a foot massage can be quite painful. This can be particularly so for those people who have to stand all day at their job such as hairdressers and shop assistants.

However, a foot massage can eliminate a lot of stress right throughout your body.

If you find a foot massage too painful, even if the massage is done very lightly, then an alternative solution that can make your feet feel really comfortable is to give them a good soak.

You can do this by getting a bowl of warm water with a few drops of essential oils added.

Once you soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes they should feel quite a lot softer and a whole lot more comfortable.

Quite often after having soaked your feet in a warm bowl of water you will be more inclined to enjoy a light massage.

If you do not have anyone to give you a foot massage and you don’t feel inclined to do it yourself then there is a simple alternative that you can use.

Get a golf ball, or alternatively some marbles, and place them on the floor or another firm surface.

It is generally better to sit down when you do this and only do one foot at a time.

As you place one foot on the ball or the marbles you can gently roll them backwards and forwards under your foot.

Using this method you can determine how much pressure you want to exert and it is quite easy for you to target areas that require some relief.

It is also possible to buy a foot roller.

These are generally made from wood and are like a small rolling pin where the main surface is corrugated.

It is these corrugations that give the foot the massage when rolled along the floor under your foot.

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That sounds a nice way to relax.

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